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Oct 17, 2021

Bloomzir® zirconia 3D Pro and STML have high flexural strength makes our zirconia copings and frameworks are ideal for everything from single-unit copings to full round house frameworks suitable for overdentures. Bloomzir® zirconia milled coping by CAD/CAM technology, so you can be confident they'll seat perfectly after your ceramist builds upon them.


Bloomzir® zirconia 3D Pro and STML is the ceramic material of choice for strong and highly aesthetic restorations. Zirconia displays excellent biocompatibility with significant reduction of plaque and bacterial adhesion on coping surfaces.


Nowadays, zirconia CAD/CAM milling of coping frameworks is the option of choice due to the high precision, passive fit, design flexibility, high material quality and reduced laboratory effort and time. Considering the relatively poor precision of casted frameworks, Bloomzir® zirconia like 3D Pro or SMTL  have acceptance and relevance from both a technical and economic point of view and they both serve the same function, but they cover different areas of the tooth to properly protect when there is tooth decay. 


With a coping framwork fabricated by Bloomzir® 3D Pro zirconia , All-ceramic zirconia coping gives the best natural tooth color. With bloomzir zirconia the coping can be fabricated very strong. It can be used for front and back coping and, like all-porcelain crowns.

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    A good coping by Bloomden zirconia

    Bloomzir® zirconia 3D Pro copings offer extreme strength, and can be used for Full Mouth restorations. Bloomzir® zirconia copings have been tested, and proven to be a quality choice from may dental labs world


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