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Oct 17, 2021

An inlay is a custom, laboratory-made restoration that can be fabricated by Bloomzir® zirconia from a number of materials of choice. Zirconia inlays are the most popular because they closest resemble your natural tooth. as well as a pleasing aesthetic result with very high strength.


An inlay procedure usually requires the preparation of the tooth by removing any old filling material and decay. Next the tooth will be prepared by shaping the surface to properly fit the inlay.  Then a removal of the temporary restoration, cleaning of the preparation site and Bloomden always offers a full line of zirconia suitable for inlays to suit your needs.


Bloomzir® zirconia Inlay is a type of restorative prosthesis that fall somewhere between fillings and dental crowns. In other words, this microdenture is used to restore cavities that are too large for fillings but can be managed without installing crowns. This is a conservative treatment and is preferred over crowns as it helps to preserve more of the natural tooth structure.


Inlays are now primarily used for the posterior teeth. Utilized to strengthen damaged teeth, they facilitate chewing and prevent further decay. Earlier they were also used for anterior teeth, so Bloomzir® zirconia with high strength like STML, 3D Pro would be suitable for the preferred option.

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    A good inlay by Bloomden zirconia

    Some dentists who have the necessary equipment are able to fabricate inlays, within their practice and are able to complete the procedure in one go. Many inlay cases are from Bloomzir® zirconia by CAD/CAM process like 3Shape CAD computerized system and Bloomzir® milling machine that can create zircoia inlays.

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    Better fit of inlays

    In Bloomden researches some cases where there is a large area between the cusps that is being covered by inlays, there are chances that it may force the cusps apart under chewing pressure. This increases the risk of tooth fracture in the future. spread chewing pressure uniformly and also cover one or more cusps reduce the possibility of fractures is suggested.


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