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Oct 17, 2021® 3D Pro zirconia veneers teeth are quite strong, 1200MPa strength to ensure the veneers are directly bonded to the enamel layer of teeth, which is equivalent to pasting transparent glue to glass. The veneer is directly pasted on the dentin layer, which is equivalent to pasting the transparent glue on the white powder wall.


The 5-layer color gradient, 49% light transmittance, Bloomzir® 3D Pro zirconia makes the veneer achieve a jade-like aesthetic effect; the natural effect of the gradient color of the front teeth and the close-fitting veneer edge are the advantages of Bloomzir® 3D Pro zirconia gradient all-ceramic. Especially for patients with high aesthetic requirements, they pay more attention to the advantage of natural color, because this makes the restoration integrated with healthy teeth, which is difficult to distinguish.


Bloomzir® 3D Pro zirconia require minimal shaving of your natural teeth. Because it is so strong a thinner layer can be cut to create the tooth. Protecting your natural tooth also means better oral health. It doesn't only make crowns or bridges. This durable material can be used to make veneers as well.


Bloomzir® 3D Pro zirconia and UTML both 49% translucency, make them the a suitable material to create veneer work. It can be milled to a 0.2 mm thickness. A restoration of this nature would be minimally invasive, with the ability to alter the color of the dark tooth to approximate that of the other central incisor. 

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    A good veneer by Bloomden zirconia

    Fixing a thin cad cam zirconia dental material on the outer surface of the patient's teeth without grinding or grinding as little as possible,so as to improve the appearance and color of the teeth by using Bloomzir® 3D Pro or UTML zirconia. Used in the field of front teeth beauty. All-ceramic zirconia veneer restoration is a personalized restoration for each patient. A perfect restoration can achieve a cosmetic effect comparable to real teeth.  

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    Veneer teeth quite strong

    CAD/CAM dental zirconia veneers teeth are quite strong, like Bloomzir® 3D Pro is 650~1100MPa, the crown is directly pasted on the dentin layer, which is equivalent to pasting the transparent glue on the white powder wall, which shows that the veneer has a very strong adhesion.


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