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Bloomden Philosophy

Since 2012, we've been dedicated to providing the best dental zirconia blocks and support in the industry. We embrace advancements in multilayer zirconia technology and our customers use many multilayer zirconia blocks to design and manufacture millions of dental lab cases and clinic cases, In addition to our high-quality systems, Bloomden Bioceramics is recognized throughout the world as having the top 3 dental zirconia block exporter from China which has experienced and knowledgeable sales and technical support teams.

Our sense of dedication is apparent in all of our relationships - from distributors to end clinic users and beyond. Our commitment to developing and nurturing long-term relationships with our worldwide distribution channels ensure our customers will always have the most experienced sales and support professionals available long after the initial sale.

As technologies evolve and customer needs become more sophisticated, we realize the importance of continuing technical research and development in the dental zirconia restoration industry.

How can we provide this level of commitment and service? Bloomden, as a company, would not be a leader in this industry if we did not have a team of extremely dedicated and talented employees. We've ranked in the top 3 in the dental zirconia exporter from China for the last

Two years and are up ranking in coming year. We treat our employees fairly and with respect, so that they in turn treat our customers the very same way.

At Bloomden Bioceramics we take what we do very seriously. And what we do is technology breakthrough, like do some research on the balance of translucency and strength, durability and aesthetics, our engineers and technicians that guide the technical directions and manufacture the zirconia products and other CAD/CAM equipments that you need to best run your market, while simultaneously creating a working environment that allows our team to best serve our customers - before, during and well after the sale.

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