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It contains 4 single masses as well as special liquids and accessories. The 3D pastes are specially developed for the aesthetic finalization and characterization of the gingiva-colored parts of ceramic restorations.

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Features of Gingival

It can be the ALL-in-One supporting all types of ceramic restorations specialized for dental zirconia and lithium Disilicate etc. No need other different pastes.

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    Good Surface Finishing

    Surface finishing may involve polishing or staining and glazing, and is the last step when processing your CAD/CAM restoration before cementation. It is this process that will give your restoration a high shine appearance which is desirable for aesthetic and hygienic reasons.

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    Smooth restoration

    Bacteria don't adhere to a smooth surface nearly as much as a rough surface, and it is also easier to clean for your patient. On top of that your restoration will have better colour stability long term as it doesn’t stain as much.

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    Gingival gradation more natural

    The glaze paste performance is extremely matched with natural gingival.

Accessories for Gingival

Paste 3D Transparent: 3 grams

Paste 3D Ginglval 4: 3 grams

Paste 3D Ginglval White: 3 grams

Paste 3D Ginglval Modifier: 3 grams

3D Brush: 1 pc

Diluting Liquid: 10 ml

Refreshing Liquid: 10 ml

Gingival Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

Temperature at beginning (°C/°F)450 / 842
Drying time (min)8
Heat rate (°C/°F per m)55 / 131
Vacuum begins (°C/°F)450 / 842
Vacuum ends (°C/°F)730/1346 for 3D, 720/1328 for 2D & 3D
Sintering temperature (°C/°F)730/1346 for 3D, 720/1328 for 2D & 3D
Hold-time (min)1 (without vacuum)
Coefficient of thermal expansionCTE(25 °C/77 °F-Tg)
Flexural strength>50 MPa
Chemical solubility< 100 μg/cm20
Transformation temperature≈ 480 °C - 490 °C (896 °F - 914 °F)

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