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Removable partial denture

Apr 29, 2022

A removable partial denture is a restoration for a partially missing tooth that a patient can remove and wear. Dentures mainly maintain the position of the dentures in the dentition through retaining devices and bases such as clasps fixed on the remaining natural teeth, and use the natural teeth and the remaining alveolus in the edentulous area as support to restore the missing teeth and their surrounding defect tissues’ anatomical form and physiological function.


Advantages and disadvantages of removable partial dentures

Compared with fixed dentures, the advantage of removable partial dentures is that it has a wide range of indications. Many situations that are not suitable for fixed dentures can be repaired by removable partial dentures, such as a large number of missing teeth, unsatisfactory periodontal health of abutment teeth, and tissue defects. Removable partial denture abutments do not require as much grinding as fixed denture abutments. Compared with fixed dentures, removable partial dentures are less expensive, and can be repaired after damage to the dentures. Artificial teeth can be added to the original dentures after missing teeth in some parts.

The disadvantage of removable partial dentures is that the dentures are large in size and cover a large amount of normal tissues. When they are first worn, they often cause nausea, discomfort and slurred pronunciation. Food residues and soft scales are easily accumulated between the dentures and natural teeth and tissues. The dentures must be removed and cleaned repeatedly every day. Otherwise it will affect the health of the remaining teeth. The functional recovery of removable partial dentures is not as good as that of fixed dentures.


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