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Advantages of zirconia porcelain teeth over metal porcelain denture

Apr 18, 2022

Problems with metal porcelain teeth:

1.There is a problem of bonding between metal and ceramic, and it is easy to fall off.     

2.Metals have oxidation problems and acid corrosion problems.

In the acid-base environment of the oral cavity, metal-ceramic teeth are unstable under the action of bacteria, and there will be certain metal interference during CT or MRI.

3.Aesthetic issues.

metal porcelain denture

The edges of the metal-porcelain teeth are black.

On these three issues, the advantages of zirconia porcelain teeth:

1.Zirconia crowns do not have the problem of bonding between metal and ceramics.

2.Zirconia is more stable than metal.

3.Zirconia has good translucency and refraction, and will not appear black lines on the neck of the tooth, so that the neck of the tooth can also achieve a good aesthetic effect, which is impossible to catch up with metal porcelain teeth.

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