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BloomdenComposite resin properties

Aug 19, 2022


Mechanical properties

Composite resin has good mechanical properties, tough texture and not easy to brittle fracture.


Wear resistance

Wear resistance is an important property of composite resins. There are many types of composite resins, and their wear resistance performance varies greatly. In general, the wear resistance of the current composite resins can basically satisfy the repair of anterior teeth defects, but the wear resistance of the posterior teeth is still insufficient.


Absorption and solubility

The composite resin has lower water absorption and dissolution. Water absorption and solubility are important indicators to reflect the hydrolysis resistance of composite resins.Bloomden resin conforms to the national standard, the 7-day water absorption value of composite resin is not more than 40μg/mm3, and the dissolution value is not more than 7.5μg/mm3. After water absorption, the soluble constituents in inorganic fillers and organic resins are easily analyzed, and the chemical bonds between organic resins and inorganic fillers can be destroyed, reducing the strength and wear resistance of materials.


Color and polish

The color of the composite resin after curing is close to that of the teeth. The surface of the light-cured composite resin has no depressions after polishing, and it is not easy to adhere to the pigment, and the light-cured composite resin can provide materials of various colors for clinical selection.



Most composite resins have radiopaque properties to facilitate X-ray inspection.


Biological properties

The cured composite resin has good biocompatibility and can be safely used for dental restoration.

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