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Dental Cut-back Technique

Jul 18, 2022

The use of cut-back technology is mainly in the following situations:

1. The patient has many missing teeth, and a longer bridge is required, usually more than 6 teeth.

2. The patient's abutment teeth are not arranged very well, resulting in a poor curve of the alveolar ridge.

3. The doctor does not have enough space for tooth preparation, or the space requirements are very strict (for example, when the anterior teeth are repaired, more space needs to be left for the porcelain.


The main points to pay attention to in the cut-back technology are:

1.The color of the back-cut inner crown should be different from that of the full crown wax, and ensure that the thickness of the inner crown wax meets the standard. When cutting back, when exposing the inner crown wax, pay attention to the thickness of the cut-back.

2. The purpose of cutting back is to leave a uniform thickness of the porcelain layer. When cutting back, pay attention to the uniform thickness of the cutting back. Part of the full crown wax will be retained on the inner crown wax, which is to make up for the lack of the doctor when preparing the teeth. This part must be left, and it is necessary to study these places well, study the inner crown, and study the abutment teeth.

3. The restored full crown can be checked for function, which can avoid problems in some places, especially in places with insufficient space, when applying porcelain, especially the posterior teeth (such as 7, 8) maxillofacial and anterior teeth (1, 2) tongue side.

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