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Does zirconia cause excessive wear?

Jul 14, 2022

With the development of oral materials and the increasing demand for aesthetics, zirconia restoration has become the mainstay of all-ceramic restorations in recent years. Especially in recent years, the development of high-transparency and ultra-transparent zirconia, these zirconia materials have gradually made doctors and patients more Many choose it as a single-material full crown (commonly known as: full zirconium crown).


The full zirconium crown has many obvious advantages by virtue of its material itself, such as: good strength, high hardness, good wear resistance and so on. However, many doctors believe that zirconia material will wear high to natural tooth enamel and even other restorations of the opposite jaw due to its higher hardness and strength.


But is it really so?


Zirconia is indeed a very hard material. People may often intuitively think that higher hardness must result in more wear on the enamel. However, the result of wear is mainly determined by the smoothness of the material. A smooth surface does not cause excessive wear because there is not much mechanical interlock between two worn objects.

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