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Effect of sintering temperature on the color of Bloomden 3D monolithic zirconia.

Apr 15, 2022


1. Experimental SampleEquipmentParameter

SampleBloomden Products 3D-pro-ml-A13D-pro-ml-A23D-pro-ml-A3

EquipmentBloomden Sintering Furnace Model#B1700


Experiment comparison of sintering system:

a. Bloomnden 3D series products recommended sintering temperature curve

experiment static

b. 1530sintering temperature curve

Bloomden sintering experiment static 


2. Experiment result and conclusion

Comparison picture Sample pictures after sintering (left 1530,right 1480

Bloomden 3D pro A3



Bloomden 3D pro A2 


 Bloomden 3Dpro



Conclusion:As experiment result, 1480℃ is more recommend sintering temperature than 1530.At the sintering temperature of 1530℃ ,all color of 3D-pro-ml-A13D-pro-ml-A2 and 3D-pro-ml-A3 are lighter than 1480.After sintered at 1530,the color of 3D-pro-ml-A3 tooth is more like A2, and 3D-pro-ml-A1 and 3D-pro-ml-A2 is lighter than A1 on color sheet.

3. Analysis and Suggestion

AnalysisAs result of the material of 3D series products is a multi-powder mixture and it`s contain many high permeability UT powder.Considering the suggested sintering temperature range of UT powder is 1430℃——1480,which is much lower than 1530.Therefore,when sintered products at 1530℃ will cause abnormal growth of zirconia crystals in the product and affect the color of the product.


Sugesstion :We recommend 3D products are sintered at temperature of 1480,and the temperature range should not exceed 1450℃ - 1500.


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