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Root Canal Treatment

May 24, 2022

Root canal therapy is a common surgical method in stomatology. The steps of root canal treatment are mainly divided into the following steps:

1. Perform pulp opening and drainage for tooth replacement to fully drain and release pulp cavity inflammation and pressure.

2. Pulp inactivation of inflamed pulp.

3. Removal of necrotic pulp and inflammatory pulp.

4. Perform root canal preparation, remove the necrotic pulp and inflammatory tissue in the root canal, thoroughly debride the wound, rinse, apply medicine, and disinfect the pulp cavity at the same time. The essence of root canal treatment lies in root canal preparation. Complete debridement, then root canal treatment is almost half the success.

5. For root canal filling, cold gutta-percha or hot gutta-percha filling can be used, and hot gutta-percha filling may be more dense.

6. After root canal filling, patients with high requirements can be given full crown restoration for tooth bottom, filling and repair of defective teeth.

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