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The denture processing of full crown

Apr 18, 2022

1. Zirconia block semi-finished products: Depending on your needs, choose different types of zirconia blocks.    

2. CAM computer-aided design: Production is accomplished through computer-aided design, laser scanning, and computer-programmed grinding. It guarantees the precision of the moulded coping and excellent edge tightness, making the porcelain tooth fit perfectly with the abutment in the patient's mouth.

3. Separating: Use a tool to remove the crown from the zirconia block.

4. Surface cleaning: Use a brush and an dust blower to clean the powders on the crown’s surface to prevent them remain on the surface. Don’t underestimate the powder, its residue can deform the crown.

5. Sintering: Through this step, the strength of the teeth is increased and the use period of the teeth is becoming longer.

6. Glazing: Glazing brings the crown closer to its natural tooth color.

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