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The speciality of 3D Pro Multilayer

Apr 20, 2022

1. Excellent Aesthetics

It is important to reproduce the translucency of the natural tooth, as it provides an enchanted natural appearance of the prosthetics. Translucency is the substance property that allows the passage of light and its dispersion, and then the objects will not be seen clearly through the material. This property could be defined as a state between translucency and complete opacity.



2. Monoclinic resistance

3D-Pro-ML zirconia’s unique hydrolysis microstructure and chemical formulation by the hydrothermal treatment also resist degradation of aging which the cubic shifted to monoclinic state that can be observed in zirconia structure.


3. High speed sintering cycle

One of 3D-Pro-ML zirconia’s excellent attributes is the fast sintering cycle which can ensure the strength, translucency and aging resistance simultaneously. The high-productivity sintering cycle allows for “inside furnace” time in 45 minutes.


4. Low wear rate

The average crystalline size of less than 0.5 μm and the Hydrolyzed powder properties are organized inside 3D Pro multilayer zirconia to be long-term enamel wear behavior closed to the natural human teeth after several times of lab-test. The study revealed that the aged zirconia and polished zirconia both have identical roughness and less wear of opposing enamel.

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