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Electroplated Diamond Burs

Electroplated Diamond Burs

Selected high grade diamond grit and advanced electroplating processing technics ensure products’ highest durability and sharpness.

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Electroplated Diamond Burs

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Features of Electroplated Diamond Burs

This premium quality operative carbide bur has been the industry standard for decades. It's highly customizable to fit the needs of your practice.

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    Ideal for dental professionals

    Those who want complete carbide bur customization will be highly impressed.

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    Trimming & Finishing Carbide Burs

    Sintered and precision-ground for superior cutting edges and striation-free surfaces.

Electroplated Diamond Burs Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

Electroplated Diamond Burs
Size16 mm
Size Diameter16 1/10 mm
Length8.0 mm
Maximum Speed50,000
Shank Size6.0 mm


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