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Milling Machine X5

Milling Machine X5

Bloomden 5-Axis milling machine X5 provides continuous milling with a 15-station Automatic Tool Changer and auto-adjusted air pressure that automatically switches to the right air volume.

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Milling Machine X5

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Features of Milling Machine X5

A new snap-on clamp disc changing system with 6 included material adapters offers a fast and secure set-up.

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    More friendly interactive interface

    Touch-type operation panel is simpler and more intuitive.

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    Buiit-in WiFi

    Each machine contains a unique lD After-sales engineers can remotely operate, training and diagnosis according to lD.

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    High Rigidity To Ensure No Loss of Accuracy

    Box structure, each axis has 4 sliders, not easy to be deformed. Equipment accuracy is maintained for a long time, and the service life of the machine is longer.

Milling Machine X5 Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

Milling Machine X5
Positioning Accuracy0.005 mm
Max speed3600 rpm
Axis Qty5
Size47*39.3*47.5 cm
Spindle500W + ATC
Weight75 kgs


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