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Sintered Diamonds

Sintered Diamonds

More durable than conventional stones. Efficient cutting and self-cleaning, Faster finishing.

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Sintered Diamonds

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Features of Sintered Diamonds

Useful for opening and shaping cavity preparations. Also used for root canal access and caries removal. Smaller sizes facilitate conservative preparations.

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    Contouring cavity

    Ideal for creating mechanical retentions and undercuts when contouring cavity preparations for dental zirconia restorations. 

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    Easy initial entry

    Designed for easy initial entry and a smooth contoured shape that eliminates sharp corners. Can also be used to create convergent lateral walls or mechanical retention.

Sintered Diamonds Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

Sintered Diamonds
Size0.6 mm ~ 1.6 mm
Size Diameter0.6 mm ~ 1.4 mm
Length1.6 mm ~ 4.1 mm
Maximum Speed50,000
Shank Size6.0 mm

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