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Wieland Compatible Burs

Wieland Compatible Burs

These tools are compatible with Wieland machines. All of our tools are designed to precise standards to ensure perfect plug and play fitment.

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Wieland Compatible Burs

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Features of Wieland Compatible Burs

The innovative Diamond-Liked Coatings – for every material the perfect bur solution.

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    Precise and Efficient

    High-End dental milling burs for most precise and efficient CAD/CAM processing of all relevant dental materials. 

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    Outstanding milling performance

    Various innovative coatings guarantee outstanding milling performance even on materials difficult to mill, in very thin milling areas as well as on complex milling geometries.

Wieland Compatible Burs Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

Wieland Compatible Milling Burs
Size0.6 mm, 1.0 mm, 2.5 mm
Shank3.0 mm
Coated materialDLC
Length35 mm, 40 mm
Packing5pcs / Pack

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