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A travel to Zhangjiajie--Avatar’s Hallelujah Mountains’ and the real world of Pandora.

Jun 08, 2022

A travel to Zhangjiajie--Avatars Hallelujah Mountains’ and the real world of Pandora.

Have you ever heardon top of the mountain in Zhangjiajie live immortals. In this Dragon Boat festival, Bloomden organize a travel to Zhangjiajie, located in Hunan province, china.

We looked around the magic of the underground natural landscape -- Huanglong cave in the first day. Huanglong cave with its huge three-dimensinal structure of space, cave-rich landscape, with both land and water sightseeing line solution in the world, there is within the natural air conditioning.


                Huanglong Cave


land sightseeing line


Water sightseeing line

Another day, we visited Yuanjiajie, located in the north of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Yuanjiajie is a mountain terrace. It is also the filming location of the movie Avatar. Yuanjiajie is the core scenic spot of Zhangjiajie, known as the core of Zhangjiajie heritage. Generally, you must go to Yuanjiajie to see the mountains in Zhangjiajie. We took the Bailong Elevator up the mountain to Yuanjiajie. When we entered the scenic spot, as if we enter into a picture of a pair of quiet.


Group photo


Wulingyuan District 


Bailong Elevator


    In the evening, we held a party in a local restaurant, and witnessed lots of Tujia food and custom.

1.Bar wine:“Bar wine” is an ancient custom. When guests fromfar away, “bar wine" is set up at the Gate. It's a very solemn etiquette.


It is a rice wine brewed by the Tujia people themselves

2.High mountains and flowing Water (Toast): The main way they toasted tourists was to use the traditional "high mountain and flowing Water" toasting method. "High mountain and flowing Water" means that the Tujias' stockaded village is located on the high mountain, and the scenery is infinite and beautiful. The Tujias are rich in products and rich in life, and they are happy, just like the mountains flowing down the river. The wonderful happy times will last forever. This toasting method expresses the Tujia family's hospitality and longing for a better and happy life. 


High mountains and flowing Water


Mr. Tang's speech


Wear pants game


Grab stool game


Book Rewards




Tujia waving dance

There are many scenic spots in Yuanjiajie, so we still toured Yuanjiajie in the next morning day. Feel the clear spring in the mountains and listen to the sound of spring water in the Golden Whip Brook. On both sides of the valley of The Ten-mile Gallery, there are rich natural landscapes, and people walk along them like in the paintings.


Golden Whip Brook


Ten-mile Gallery

In the afternoon, we toured Tusi City. Tusi City of Zhangjiajie is the place where Peng, king of Tusi of Yongshun, lived and the holy land of tujia people for sacrifice, prayer and festival. The city is also home to a large number of precious cultural relics. It can be called a "Tujia garden" integrating cultural landscape and natural landscape, and is known as the "Forbidden City of the South".                          QQ图片20220608134934

    The gate of Tusi City 


     Finally the last day, we visited Tianmen Mountain Forest Park. Tianmen Mountain is a typical karst landform with an altitude of 1518.6 meters. It has a variety of precious tree species and rich wildlife resources.


Tianmen Mountain Cableway


Glass plank road


 Tongtian Avenue


    Group photo

    Bloomden's trip to Zhangjiajie ended with laughter. A very good trip to Zhangjiajie. I have to say that Zhangjiajie is a good place. The mountains and rivers are more beautiful. The concentrated presentation of different types of natural landscapes and diverse ethnic minority cultures will not make you feel boring.

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