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Flexible PMMA

Flexible PMMA

The flexible PMMA has high tensile and flexural strength, it’s used as a removable partial denture frameworks for the smile enhancement, long-term provisional restorations.

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Flexible PMMA

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Features of Flexible PMMA
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    Enhanced aesthetic appearance of mouth

    Flexible partial dentures appear invisible and natural.  They are made to fit each person's mouth and give a natural appearance.

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    Light, comfortable and easy to wear

    Denture wearers find flexible partial comfortable because they are custom-made to suit each 

    individual's unique anatomy.  

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    Offers Durability and strength

    Although flexible partial dentures are lightweight, they are robust and durable. They can resist any stress and impact in the mouth.

Flexible PMMA Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

Flexible PMMA
Vicker's hardness20HV
Flexural strength96MPa
Residual monomer<1%
ColorsPink, Natural, Yellow
Systems98mm / 95mm / 92*75mm


12mm / 14mm / 16mm / 18mm / 20mm / 22mm / 25mm
ShadesA1 A2 A3 A3.5 A4 / B1 B2 B3 B4 / C1 C2 C3 C4 / D2 D3 D4

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