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Bloomden Dental Chairside Workflow

Jul 27, 2022


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Precision 3D scanners are used to convert anatomyor a physical model made from an impression into 3D digital data. Comparing to physical impressions, Bloomden 3D scanner technology canenhance patients scanning experience, reduce the chair time and increase accuracy.


Restoration Design(CAD)

Computer Aided Design (CAD) software is used to utilize the data captured from the scanning process allowing for the step-by-step design of the appropriate dental prosthesis. Bloomden design team ensures you get the fit you want with few chairside adjustments and provides instant restoration design.

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NestingMachine Motion(CAM)

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software is used to process the restoration design from the CAD software. This includes selection of restoration type nesting into material disc, cutting bur selection, machine spindle speed and cutting feeds, simulation and verification of the machining process and post processing (conversion of graphic motion to machine language-G-code.


CNC Machining

Bloomden X5 milling machine is available in 5 axis control for dry (requiring filtration and vacuum systems). Machine language code (G-code) generated by the CAM system is transferred by network to a Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) milling machine where the restoration is machined from raw stock.

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Hand Finishing

ln addition to staining, post-machining hand-work is necessary to assure the quality of the finished restoration, the amount of which is largely determined by the quality of the design, the effectiveness of the "tool-path" generated in the CAM process&the quality of the machine tool and cutting burs. Typically involves removal of support pins, machine marks, margin cleanup (including removal of any applied margin reinforcement) and adjustments for proper fit on the die.


Fast Sintering

Bloomden introduces fast sintering vacuum to the new fire system. KF1 fast Sintering Furnace is suitable for the immediate manufacture of restorations for efficient production in dental laboratories and only need 66 Min to finish a full-contour zirconium oxide crown sintering. Sintering is required to achieve maximum strength for green-stage and pre-sintered blocks. A crystallization process is required for glass-ceramic restorations. 

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