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Bloomden Milling Burs For CAD/CAM

Jul 22, 2022

Dental millingburs are rotary instruments used in milling machines. They have different coatings and can be used to mill different materials such as zirconia, PMMA, etc. Bloomden milling burs save you time and money with their premium quality, excellent compatibility and high durability.

Dentists and dental labs with milling units know they have two options - buy original milling burs at a premium or a cost-effective and compatible solution.

Bloomden has designed the incredible CAD CAM Millburs to meet the changing demands of today's digital milling processes. We combine high-quality raw materials and special manufacturing processes to ensure that the final bur has the durability and longevity needed to do the job properly. 

All our CAD CAM milling burs havemilling efficiency in mind. We combinemilling speed with workpiece quality so you create a final product that delivers outstanding patient satisfaction. We understand the importance of long shelf life and corrosion protection in all of your milling needs. 

Our team has created top-of-the-line dental millingbursthat work with the latest cad cam milling units. All burr layers smoothly cut through any surface irregularities and end with a flawless product assembly. 

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Dental CAD CAM Mills You Can Trust

Bloomden has been a supplier of quality dental tools and accessories for many years. We've built a reputation for quality because we understand your work requires dependable precision. This includes staying on the cutting edge of technology by offering solutions that work with 3D modeling, digital models, CAD designs, and any other way you want to shape restorations. For us, it's all about delivering the dental burr that gives your team the best possible results.

Milling Burs (8) 

Our milling cutters include:

lWieland mini bur

lRoland bur

lVHF bur

lImes-icores bur

lZZ bur

lAG bur

lYena bur

Feel free to browse the different CAD CAM milling burs available on our website. If you have any questions, please leave us a message via our contact page. Thank you for choosing Bloomden Dental Milling Burs!

For more information, contact:

Anthony Tang

General Manager

Bloomden Bioceramics

+86 176 5248 6857

Email Anthony Tang

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