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Features of dental implant

Jun 13, 2022

1. Strong function: It can restore the function of teeth well, and the chewing function is much better than other traditional dentures.

2. No teeth grinding: Relying on its own artificial root for repair, no need to grind the healthy teeth next to it, and there is no damage to the teeth.

3. Good retention: The artificial tooth root and alveolar bone are tightly combined without the use of traditional clasp or braces, and it is rooted in the mouth like a real tooth, with strong retention and stability.

4. The appearance of denture implants:toothcrowns can be made according to the face shape of the patient and the shape and color of other teeth to achieve the best effect of overall coordination and aesthetics.

5. Comfortable and convenient: The base and snap ring necessary for movable dentures are not used, there is no foreign body sensation, it is very comfortable and convenient, and it is beneficial to keep the oral cavity clean and hygienic.

6. Simple operation: dental implant surgery is a small alveolar surgery, similar to tooth extraction, using local anesthesia, with little trauma, and you can eat after surgery with almost no pain. General implant placement only takes tens of minutes to several hours to complete. Due to the selection of biomaterials with excellent compatibility with the human body, dental implants do not produce any adverse side effects on the human body. If the osseointegration of the implant fails, that is, the implant is unsuccessful, it can also be removed and then implanted after the bone heals, or other repair methods can be used.



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