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What can sinter full arch in all aspects and layers—Bloomden rotary B14 Sintering Furnace

Jun 29, 2022

How do dental technicians and dentists benefit innovations? What can sinter full arch in all aspects and layers? The answer is Bloomden rotary.

Bloomden zirconia block machine 

Bloomden B14

The whole sintering furnace adopts international advanced manufacturing technology, which is designed from the perspective of aesthetics and according to the perspective of human safety.


The hearth is made of high-purity alumina lightweight fiber material. And the surface is coated with a high-reflectivity ultra-high temperature coating, which can keep its energy loss to a minimum and enhance high-temperature performance stability.


The control panel is a seven-inch LED touch screen, and the operation interface is simple and convenient.


Besides, the control mathematical model adopts advanced PID self-learning fuzzy control to keep the temperature control accuracy within±1℃.


In addition to toxic, harmful and explosive materials, it can be applied to the sintering of almost all types of materials.



B14’s large inner space can sinter varieties of restorations at a time. It can sinter full arch with high incisal translucency and natural transition color.


Bloomden high translucent full arch 

The full arch milled from 3D Pro after sintering


This equipment has added the rotating function of the lifting table, so the full arch can be sintered in a 360° rotation in the furnace. The heating elements are distributed all around, and the temperature field is more uniform which effectively keep the heating uniformity of the sample itself.


15 preset programs can be preset, and users can choose the settings themselves. Finally, observe the sintered full arch of finished products. The full arch compares favourably with real teeth and its incisal zone has highly translucency.


With the technology developing, Bloomden will take more product that combine cost-effectiveness and innovative to all customer, follow us

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