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Bloomden Chairside Digital Solution VS Traditional Restoration Solution

Aug 05, 2022

One visit, convenient and fast

The Bloomzir chairside digital immediate restoration solution can be completed in one visit, bringing you more value than the traditional production cycle.


Advantages of digital restoration


lComfortable diagnosis and treatment experience, higher added value

lCharacteristic treatment services to attract more patients

lPrecise occlusal reconstruction, zero adjustment in the mouth

lNo need for impression materials, creating a clean treatment environment


Comparison of traditional and digital solutions

Traditional Restoration Solution

Digital Restoration Solution

Number of visits

At least two

One visit without waiting

Obtaining impressions

Traditional silicone rubber impressions have errors in model data, which are easy to cause discomfort to patients

Digital impressions are simple and fast to obtain accurate model data

Tooth preparation

To remove part of healthy teeth

The most sophisticated technology in porcelain production, to maximize the preservation of healthy teeth after grinding away cavities and fragile dentine

Crown grinding

Traditional grinding accuracy is low

Emerging grinding path, strict implementation of precise and efficient grinding procedures

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General Manager

Bloomden Bioceramics

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