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A kind of Excellent Material for Dental Restoration - BloomdenLithium Disilicate

Aug 11, 2022


Bloomden lithium disilicate comes from the material technology of US Missouri S&T, the scientific research achievements of a generation of glass material masters and returned Chinese scientists. Incorporating the team's bioglass technology, it achieves an excellent fusion of dental material functional strength and natural aesthetics.

Bloomden Dental Materials products are widely used in restorative, landscaping and single crowns in the dental office. This series has a wide variety of products, with wide translucency, high purity, extremely small particle size and excellent performance.


Product Features

Ø Mechanical strength

Ø Durability

Ø Color and translucency

Ø Stable physical and chemical properties

Ø Biocompatibility


Special Technology

Micro-fluorescence technology & Shading technology

1. Micro-fluorescence technology: The glass is doped with biological grade rare earth elements to achieve excellent fluorescence effect and opalescence effect, and still show the same fluorescence effect as real teeth in the dark.

2. Shading technology: According to the principle of Rayleigh scattering, the crystal size can be precisely controlled to achieve excellent shading performance. Even with an ultra-thin thickness of 0.25mm, it can still cover the "big yellow teeth".




1. Single crown

2. Veneers

3. Onlays

4. Inlays

5. Three-unit bridge up to second premolar



1. Esthetic

Ø Light reflects and refracts, similar to natural teeth

Ø Easier to match value

Ø No gray line around the margin

2. Ability to bond

3. Ability to manipulate shades and translucency

4. Ability to be milled and to deliver in-office/same day



1. limitation on locations

2. Less strength compared to zirconia


Flexural Strength after Sintering



Cementation Choice

Resin cement for bonding



Lithium disilicate is a glass ceramic and one of the most popular CAD/CAM materials currently in use. More translucent than zirconia, lithium disilicates translucency and optical properties support highly esthetic indications. Crowns with greater translucency will appear similar to natural teeth, which is essential in esthetic cases. In addition, lithium disilicate crowns show a 10-year survival rate of 96.7% and demonstrate a complication rate on the loss of pulp vitality after five years of 2%, which is similar to metal-ceramic crowns.


Lithium disilicate is a good choice for restoration, if you are interested in it, contact us.


For more information, contact:

Anthony Tang

General Manager

Bloomden Bioceramics

+86 176 5248 6857

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