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Chemical Stability of Zirconia Ceramics

May 07, 2022

Oral ceramic materials are the most chemically stable materials in oral materials, and have excellent biological properties whether they are implanted in the body or used in the oral cavity. Among them, zirconia ceramics not only have a biosafety basis for human application, but also have no cytotoxicity and can exist stably in the oral cavity, do not release harmful impurities, and do not degrade. Dental experts have studied the chemical stability and low temperature aging performance of zirconia phase change toughened ceramics for dental inlays, crowns and bridges, and believe that zirconia phase change toughened ceramics have better mechanical properties and chemical stability than other dental ceramics. It can also meet the demand as a dental ceramic material. Because of its stable chemical properties, zirconia ceramics can withstand the action of body fluids without deterioration under normal physiological metabolism, so it can be used for the coating of metal implant materials.


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