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Zirconia material for aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth

May 10, 2022

The anterior tooth loses its pulp vitality due to trauma or caries. Although the affected tooth can be retained after a complete root canal treatment, after a period of time, the discoloration of the affected tooth is caused by the decomposition of the dentin tubules. This discoloration is usually deepen with the extension of time, affect the patient's aesthetics, and even become a psychological burden. For teeth with large-area tooth defects, post-core porcelain crowns or all-ceramic crowns can be used to improve the appearance and restore function. For the teeth with a small part of the incisal defect or no defect, the resin veneer is usually used to cover the severely discolored teeth. However, with the extension of time, the edge coloring, aging, and the aesthetic effect of resin veneer repair are getting worse and worse. The patient's needs cannot be fully met. If post-core porcelain crowns or all-ceramic crowns are used to improve the aesthetics of patients, it is necessary to cut too much tooth hard tissue, which affects the final restoration strength. Zinconia ceramic material is a high-strength all-ceramic material, which can be used to make all-ceramic fixed restorations supported by all-ceramic crowns and bridges and implants. It has good opacity, good long-term restoration stability and aesthetic effect. With the development of modern computer aided design and computer aided manufacture, we have been able to make zirconia base crowns of 0.2 to 0.3 mm. Some scholars have used this thin zirconia base all-ceramic veneer for the aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth, and obtained good clinical effect.


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