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Professional Online Restoration Design-3Shape CAD Software

Aug 12, 2022


Intuitive CAD design for beginners and experienced users. 3Shape CAD design software supports your use of all types of digital dental applications and workflows and can be extended with various add-on modules. Bloomden professional design team can support instant restoration design for you.


Design characteristics of 3Shape CAD software

Ø Simple and intuitive handling: You will be guided through all the steps of the digital process in a logical and easy-to-understand sequence.

Ø Comprehensive CAD package: including Virtual Articulator, Smile ComposerTM and Splint DesignerTM, many functions are included in the basic package.

Ø Multi-dimensional design: The software allows for simultaneous 3D and 2D work and helps at each step to select the best design. The system also supports designer tablets.

Ø Efficient and flexible: Even complex restorations can be completed in minutes and the results are instantly animated on the screen.

Ø Default library: You can choose 3D standard tooth and bridge elements from a comprehensive catalog, or create your own collection of custom scan shapes.

Ø Modular structure: The system can be expanded as needed, depending on your specialty, such as Abutment DesignerTM, Denture DesignTM, Implant Bars & BridgesTM.CAD software has a variety of complementary modules to choose from. You can use these for other instructions to make your business more competitive.

For more information, contact:

Anthony Tang

General Manager

Bloomden Bioceramics

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