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Bloomden-milling burs and rotary burs provider

Aug 18, 2022

Milling Bur Introduction

At Bloomden Dental Solution Center you will find the precise dental CADCAM dental milling burs you need with the experience and leading technology to back it up. our China based manufacturing facility provides a vast selection of dental burs for milling systems, including:Amann Girrbach Ceramill, Imes-icore, Roland, LAVA, Sirona, VHF, Wieland, Yenadent, and Bloomden.


 The experienced staff of customer service 车针professionals are here to assistant help you find exactly what you need.Firstly, we are committed to providing you with world-class customer service and exceptional quality dental lab burs. Secondly, we can help simplify your workflow.As a conclusion, your experience with us should be easy, convenient, and efficient.


The Following Are Bloomden Milling Burs For Applicable System

1. Dental milling burs forAmann Girrbach system

2. Dental milling burs for DentMill system

3. Dental milling burs for Imes-Icore One, One+, systems, 150i, 250i systems

4. Dental milling burs for Imes-Icore 350i, 350i Robot, 650i systems

5. Dental milling burs for 3M Lava CNC 240, CNC 500 systems

6. Dental milling burs for Roland DWX-4, DWX-50, DWX-51, DWX-52D systems

7. Dental Milling Burs For Dentsply Sirona MC X5 System

8. Dental Milling Burs ForWieland Zenotec Mini System

9. Dental Milling Burs ForUP3D P52, P53 Systems

10. Dental Milling Burs ForVHF K4 System

11. Dental Milling Burs ForVHF K5 System

12. Dental Milling Burs ForXTCERA X-MILL 500 System

13. Dental Milling Burs ForYenadent D15, D43, D6 Systems

14. Dental Milling Burs ForZirkonZahn M5System

15. Dental Milling Burs ForZirkonZahn M1System

16. Dental Milling Burs ForBloomden X5System




The material Bloomden milling burs can mill:Zirconia, PMMA,PEEK,Wax



Bloomden is a leading exporter ofdentistry with 10 years of experience in the dental field. Our products are used bylabs anddentists around the world and are designed to meet the needs of your practice. If you are interested in ourproducts orequipments, please contact us.

For more information, contact:

Anthony Tang

General Manager

Bloomden Bioceramics

+86 176 5248 6857

Email Anthony Tang

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