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Dental Zirconia Market

May 11, 2022

Zirconia has excellent mechanical properties, biocompatibility and aesthetic effects, and is known as the best material in the field of tooth loss restoration. We believe that the Chinese zirconia crown market has risen:

1. The increasing awareness of consumers about dental health care and aesthetics has greatly increased the attention of zirconia implants.

2. The improvement of my country's per capita consumption level is conducive to the popularization of the high-priced consumption plan for zirconia implants. According to the calculation of the dental consumption structure in the United States, the potential market size of my country's oral medical care in 2019 has reached 937.5 billion yuan.

3. Reviewing the process of dental consumption in the United States, the aging of the population is positively correlated with the growth rate of consumer dental spending. my country's aging trend is obvious, and the growth of dental expenditure is expected to accelerate. In addition, the consumption concept of middle-aged and elderly groups in pursuit of cost-effectiveness is conducive to the promotion of domestic brands.

1. Driven by policy encouragement, the number of stomatological hospitals and hospital income in my country has increased significantly, the number of practicing physicians has steadily increased, and the demand side of dental materials continues to grow.

2. The crown is a non-invasive part, and the cost-effectiveness and treatment cycle advantages of domestic brands accelerate the recognition of domestic brands by consumers.

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