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Discrimination of shallow caries, medium caries and deep caries

May 18, 2022

shallow caries, medium caries and deep caries are all different stages in the progression of caries. Caries is caused by, in some cases, bacterial damage to the tooth tissue, causing the hard tissue of the tooth to be damaged. The three levels of shallow, medium and deep respectively indicate the shallow, medium and deep formation of the cavity. The deeper it is, the closer it is to the pulp tissue.Somedetails as follows:

1. In the case of shallow caries, the caries only occurs in the enamel, and the patient has no feeling of heat and coldIf the caries occurs at the root of the tooth, the caries occurs in the cementum, and there may be mild discomfort of heat and cold.

2. When the caries are in the middle, the caries has progressed to the dentin inside the enamel. If the dentin is damaged, transient discomfort may occur. Some patients with middle caries have no subjective symptoms.

3. Deep caries is already very deep and occurs in the deep layers of dentin. The stimulation of cold and heat is more obvious. For example, if you drink a mouthful of cold water and have a toothache, it indicates that the tooth may have deep caries. That is, the patient does not feel the toothache, but the doctor found out a lot of faults after examination, but the patient himself did not realize that oral examination should be carried out frequently to eliminate the caries in the state ofshallowcaries.


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