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Excellent Aesthetic Characteristics in 3D-Pro-ML

Apr 18, 2022

With the continuous improvement of social development and people's quality of life, people pay more attention to the aesthetic problems of the front tooth restoration, and even exceed the functional problems of back tooth restoration. This requires dental factories, dentists to consider the color and strength of the material in order to obtain a reliable long-term effect and aesthetic effect, so as to meet the patient's aesthetic requirements.

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The aesthetics of teeth are related to translucency. It is important to reproduce the translucency of the natural tooth, as it provides an enchanted natural appearance of the prosthetics.

So what is translucency? It is the substance property that allows the passage of light and its dispersion, and then the objects will not be seen clearly through the material. This property could be defined as a state between translucency and complete opacity.

Bloomden 3D-Pro-ML has excellent aesthetic characteristics. It is now widely introduced into clinical dental practice as an alternative to metal porcelain dental restorations. It is available to monolithic full contour crowns, bridge, veneers and full mouth. Compared to the traditional metal restorations, 3D-Pro-ML multi-layer restorations have better aesthetic properties, as their translucent properties, it is becoming the first choice today in the cases with high aesthetic requirements.

3D-Pro-ML (98mm system, 95mm system, 92*75mm system) is available in a variety of thickness options (12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm), and it is available to Vita16 shades and Bleach 4 shades, it can also be used with CeramStar Glaze and Stain Kit to create a natural aesthetic transition from dentin to incisal edge.

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