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Several advantages of zirconia all-ceramic porcelain denture

Apr 20, 2022

1. Aesthetics

 All-ceramic denture restoration has a realistic and beautiful appearance, and the color is similar to natural teeth. The most important thing is that all-ceramic denture have good translucency and refraction, and there will be no black lines on the neck of the tooth, so that the neck of the tooth can also achieve a good aesthetic effect, which is impossible to catch up with ordinary porcelain denture.


Zirconia for medical and dental applications has excellent properties in terms of biosafety. Over the years, a large number of experimental and clinical cases have proved that zirconia has no toxic damage to bone and soft tissue cells, and there are no reports of allergic reactions.

3.High Strength and density

(1) Zirconia ceramics are yttrium-stabilized zirconia ceramics with high flexural strength. At present, the strength of materials registered in China has reached 900MPa, while the national standard for dental materials is 100MPa.

(2) Compared with other all-ceramic restoration materials, the strength of zirconia material enables doctors to achieve extremely high strength without excessive grinding of the patient's real teeth. Among them, Vita all-ceramic plus-yttrium and plus-stabilized oxide Zirconia is also known as ceramic steel.


Production is accomplished through computer-aided design, laser scanning, and computer-programmed grinding. It guarantees the precision of the moulded coping and excellent edge tightness, making the porcelain tooth fit perfectly with the abutment in the patient's mouth.

5. Low radioactivity

The standards of the State Food and Drug Administration have strict standards for all ceramic materials on the market, and can only be used as medical materials after meeting the requirements of radiological experiments. Not only are there requirements for zirconia, but also for decorative porcelain, alumina, glass ceramics, etc. Experiments show that the radioactivity of pure zirconia powder is not only lower than that of glass ceramics, but also lower than that of human bone tissue.

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